Indian Vegetarian Recipes

For people who choose to eat a vegetarian diet, Indian food has a huge amount to offer in terms of the large number of dishes that are endemic to this country that have no meat.  A large proportion of Indian dishes are meatless and taste great as they are infused with flavours from spices which are commonly used in Indian cooking.

One of the great benefits of Indian cuisine is unlike most countries Indian cuisine offers a wide range of nutritious and tasty vegetarian foods rather than just having vegetarian food options as an afterthought.  These vegetarian dishes are commonly found on the menu at many Indian restaurants making it easy for vegetarians to select a dish that tastes great and not having to place a special order with the kitchen.

Another great thing about Indian Vegetarian recipes is that they are always full of flavour and taste great.  Indian cooking combines many spices which gives the dish a great aroma and taste.  These spices infuse through the dish and give the ingredients a sweet taste or a warm to hot taste for the curry dishes.

Traditional Indian dishes including curries are mainly vegetarian and consist of a huge range of vegetables.  If you are eating at an Indian restaurant look through the menu and you will generally find a large proportion of vegetarian options.  It is also a good idea to try different vegetarian dishes as Indian cooking includes vegetables that you may not have tried before and taste great.

As well as dining out in restaurants for your fix of vegetarian Indian this style of cooking is quite easy to cook and prepare at home.  There are recipe books and hundreds of recipes online for Indian cuisine that is vegetarian, easy to cook and tastes great.  One of the advantages of cooking your own vegetarian Indian food is that you can control the amount of spices used in the dish.  This is important as you won’t enjoy the food as much if it has too much chilli and you don’t like hot food.

Lastly when it comes to vegetarian Indian recipes there are no hard and fast rules.  Many Indian dishes can be changed with ingredients added or taken out depending on taste.  One of the great benefits of Indian vegetarian is the variety of foods that are prepared in dishes and also the ingredients which can be purchased from any local supermarket.

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