Healthy Fast Food Choices for Our Modern Lifestyle

We all have very busy lives especially families that have a couple of kids so it is inevitable that at some stage you will find yourself, and the rest of the family deciding what to have for a meal at a fast food restaurant.  The menu items of many of these fast food restaurants is full of high fat, high salt and high sugar items making it very difficult to choose healthier items for you and your family.  Many fast food restaurants have introduced some healthier options of late however it is still important to look at ingredients and nutrition guides and also to follow a few tips which will make choosing the healthy items much easier.

If you are looking to buy a healthier option at a burger restaurant such as McDonalds, there are the healthier options such as the salads and sides.  These items can be a trap however unless you order the salad dressing on the side or not at all.  Salad dressing can hide large numbers of calories so in many cases it is better to go without or only use some of the dressing not all.  Burger restaurants almost always have a vegetarian burger on the menu.  These burgers can come with other unhealthy fillings so the best option is to have the restaurant make a vegetarian burger that only has the ingredients that are healthy such as lettuce and tomato.

Another great tip for choosing healthier food at fast food restaurants is to resist the temptation to order unhealthy sides.  Many burger choices come in a meal that consists of the burger, a serve of chips and a soft drink.  The sides are often high in salt and high in sugar so if you are looking to eat healthy give these sides a miss and just order the burger.  If you are thirsty replace the soft drink with water or a fruit juice.

If you are eating at a chicken fast food restaurant such as KFC there are some healthier options when considering the side dishes instead of the unhealthy chicken pieces.  Ordering items such as salads or potatoes from the menu means that you can still eat healthy even though you are eating fast food.

One of the best ways to find out how to eat healthy at fast food restaurants is to go to one with a vegetarian friend.  If they have been a vegetarian for a while they will be able to show you all the choices on the menu to choose.  Eating vegetarian items at these restaurants is generally the best healthy fast food choices.

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