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Healthy Food Guide – For Diabetes Sufferers

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Having a well balanced diet is essential for people who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes as this will make controlling their blood sugar levels easier.  It is important to know that certain foods and bad eating habits can cause problems such as high or low glucose levels in the blood.  To properly manage diabetes requires the patient to keep these levels constant and not yo-yo up and down all the time.  One of the best ways to keep blood sugar levels consistent is through eating healthy and exercising.

One of the most important things for a diabetes sufferer is to eat a healthy diet.  The key to this is choosing the right foods to eat.  Carbohydrates have the most effect on blood sugar levels so it is important that a diabetic eats the right ones.  The best foods to eat for carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes as these are a great source of vitamins and minerals and can help to regulate natural blood sugars.  Many people feel they need to reduce or remove carbohydrates from their diet but this is not recommended as carbohydrates are essential for the body to function properly.

Diabetics should also eat foods that provide a good source of protein.  Products such as low fat dairy products, beans, soy products, eggs and lean red meat are all good sources that should be eaten on a regular basis.  For people who don’t eat a lot of red meat then fish is also an option for including a protein rich food in your diet.

People with diabetes also fall into the high risk category for heart related diseases so it is essential that their diet is low in fatty foods.  Avoiding these foods is also good for a diabetics weight and other diet related problems.

As well as choosing the right foods to eat it is also important for a diabetic to eat regular meals throughout the day.  It is recommended that diabetics eat small meals regularly throughout the day to keep their blood sugar levels consistent.  Some great snack foods for diabetics to eat during the day include fruit and nuts.  The healthy food guide for diabetics also suggests a daily serve fo carbohydrates.

When looking at the best diet for a person who has diabetes the healthy food guide for people in this situation is also a good guide line for people who do not have diabetes but are wanting to have a healthy diet.

Healthy Fast Food Choices for Our Modern Lifestyle

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

We all have very busy lives especially families that have a couple of kids so it is inevitable that at some stage you will find yourself, and the rest of the family deciding what to have for a meal at a fast food restaurant.  The menu items of many of these fast food restaurants is full of high fat, high salt and high sugar items making it very difficult to choose healthier items for you and your family.  Many fast food restaurants have introduced some healthier options of late however it is still important to look at ingredients and nutrition guides and also to follow a few tips which will make choosing the healthy items much easier.

If you are looking to buy a healthier option at a burger restaurant such as McDonalds, there are the healthier options such as the salads and sides.  These items can be a trap however unless you order the salad dressing on the side or not at all.  Salad dressing can hide large numbers of calories so in many cases it is better to go without or only use some of the dressing not all.  Burger restaurants almost always have a vegetarian burger on the menu.  These burgers can come with other unhealthy fillings so the best option is to have the restaurant make a vegetarian burger that only has the ingredients that are healthy such as lettuce and tomato.

Another great tip for choosing healthier food at fast food restaurants is to resist the temptation to order unhealthy sides.  Many burger choices come in a meal that consists of the burger, a serve of chips and a soft drink.  The sides are often high in salt and high in sugar so if you are looking to eat healthy give these sides a miss and just order the burger.  If you are thirsty replace the soft drink with water or a fruit juice.

If you are eating at a chicken fast food restaurant such as KFC there are some healthier options when considering the side dishes instead of the unhealthy chicken pieces.  Ordering items such as salads or potatoes from the menu means that you can still eat healthy even though you are eating fast food.

One of the best ways to find out how to eat healthy at fast food restaurants is to go to one with a vegetarian friend.  If they have been a vegetarian for a while they will be able to show you all the choices on the menu to choose.  Eating vegetarian items at these restaurants is generally the best healthy fast food choices.

Healthy Snack Food Ideas to Complete Your Day

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Snacking between meals is something that we all do when hunger strikes.  The important thing that you need to consider is what foods you are snacking on.  Developing bad habits when it comes to snacking can negatively affect an otherwise healthy diet and for people who are trying to lose weight snacking on the wrong foods can make this task almost impossible.  When you are desperately hungry between meals it is important to choose snacks that are healthy.

Snacking on foods such as chocolates or chips may be ok once in a while however people who make a habit of snacking need to consider healthier options.  For people who have regular snacks it is important to treat these snacks as small meals and eat foods that you would normally eat for a healthy meal only in a smaller portion size.

There is a huge variety of healthy snack food available for all tastes including fresh fruit, nuts and also dairy products such as yoghurts.  The best way to avoid eating other unhealthy foods is to be prepared for snack time and take healthy items to work with you or have them at home ready for anytime you are hungry.  Eating these healthy snacks also acts to full you up so you are less likely to eat other unhealthy foods and you may in fact eat less while snacking.

As well as taking snack foods to work or having them on hand at home it is also important to drink plenty of water during the day.  The best way to remember to drink water is to have a bottle on your desk at work and make sure that you take a drink when you have a meal or a snack.  Many people don’t drink enough water and are constantly dehydrated which can sometimes make you feel hungry.  People often misinterpret this dehydration as hunger and eat when they are actually thirsty.

Another great tip for people who work in an office environment is to have some snacks such as nuts in a container in your in or on your desk.  Non perishable snacks such as nuts are great to snack on during the day and the advantage of not having to put them in the fridge is that your co-workers wont accidently eat them all.  Don’t be tempted to put too much snack food in reach of your desk especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Healthy Eating For Teenagers

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

As children get older their nutritional needs change.  A child that has just entered their teenage years is starting to experience things such as puberty and also rapid growth spurts which gives them completely different diet needs to younger children.  Eating properly during this phase of growth is very important for children as their bodies are changing and need proper nutrition to avoid health problems such as diabetes and obesity later in life.

Nutritional needs for teenage boys and teenage girls differs with boys requiring a larger intake of calories than girls.  During this period in their lives it is important for all teenagers get enough calories, protein, calcium and iron to help with their development.  The protein intake is required for growth and maintenance of muscles, calcium is needed for the growth and development of bones and iron is required for providing the muscles with much needed oxygen.

One of the easier healthy eating habits that you can establish with your teenagers is to make sure that they have breakfast regularly.  Missing breakfast is detrimental to the body as it needs some nutrition after the long period of time spent sleeping.  Some of the problems that develop from not having breakfast is that teens will often feel fatigued with low energy for the morning, they will tend to snack on unhealthy foods and miss out on essential nutrients required for their development.  Making sure that your teenager has at the very least a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal can have a huge positive effect on their health and development.

Another thing to consider when developing healthy eating habits for teenagers is that they seem to be hungry all the time (especially teenage boys) and will tend to snack all day.  It is important to plan ahead for healthy snacks so that you have enough of them and that they are healthy.  It is important to include the teenagers when buying snacks as they generally won’t eat things that they do not like and it gives you a chance to guide them to more healthier snack options.

If you have one or more teenagers in the house hold it pays to be organised especially if both parents work.  Planning ahead is important in this situation so there are enough snacks for the children to eat after school without them having to resort to sugary or salty snacks from the corner store on their way home from school.

How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

For many people who are overweight losing those extra kilograms and keeping them off can be a bit of a battle.  One of the easier ways to lose and keep excess weight off is to change your diet and eat healthy.  Changing your diet to include more fruits and vegetables and less of the processed foods with high sugar and salt content and including some exercise can help people to lose those extra kilograms of unwanted weight.

One of the easiest ways to start eating healthy and lose weight is to reduce the amount of soda or soft drink that you consume.  These drinks are generally high in sugar and consuming large amounts of soft drink can lead to increases in the fat deposits of the body.  Replacing soft drink with glasses of water makes a huge difference when it comes to the amount of sugar and calories that you consume on a daily basis.

Eating fruit every day can also help when it comes to weight loss.  This strategy is especially effective if you replace high salt and high sugar snacks with fruit.  Australia is defiantly the lucky country when it comes to the variety of fruit that is available all year round.  Eating fruit is great for weight loss as it provides you with essential vitamins and minerals and also fills you up quicker so you will generally eat less which is another positive for weight loss.

Changing your lunch habits can also help you lose weight.  Many people, especially when they are working, sometimes don’t have time to stop for lunch and either miss this meal or they opt for an unhealthy snack and a coffee.  Missing meals when you are trying to lose weight is not good as you need to keep your metabolism moving and if you miss a meal such as breakfast or lunch your metabolism gets sluggish and doesn’t work at its best.  Lunch time is the perfect meal to change when moving to a more healthy diet.  Some great lunch time foods include things such as salads that have a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Drinking more water is also a great strategy for eating healthy and losing weight.  Most people don’t drink enough water everyday so to help you remember have a water bottle on your desk at work and drink water throughout the day.  For people who are trying to lose weight a great Idea is to drink a large glass of water before meals so you will fill full quicker and not eat as much.