Brilliant Ways to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Trying to get your child to eat healthy is always a bit of a struggle especially when it comes to packing their lunch boxes for school.  Healthy food is important for active children who are still developing however this food is only good if the child will actually eat it.  The following are some helpful tips and hints when it comes to packing a healthy lunch for your children.

One way that can help children understand what are healthy choices and increase the likelihood that the food in the lunch box will be eaten is to include them when choosing and preparing the lunches.  By including them in the process and praising them for making healthy choices teaches them positive food habits and allows them to pick the foods that they like.

The amount of different healthy foods that can be prepared and packed in a lunch box is huge.  Many people stick to foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sandwiches which various fillings such as cold meat or a certain spread, dairy foods such as a cheese stick or yoghurt and either a bottle or water or fruit juice.  Fruit and vegetables can be sliced or chopped to make them easier for children to eat and when it comes to drinks there are often smaller sizes of water or fruit juice available for children.

Many households, especially those with children and working parents can be quite busy so to ensure that healthy lunches can be packed for the children it is important to make this job easier by choosing foods that are easy and quick to prepare, ready to eat and still appetising even after a few hours in a lunch box.  Choices such as sandwiches and rolls can be prepared to night before and frozen with healthy fillings such as cold meats, cheese, spreads such as vegemite or even baked beans and mashed eggs.  Freezing the sandwiches will ensure that come lunch time the bread and filling are thawed and ready to eat.

Other ways to pack a healthy lunch and also have success with your child eating the contents include things such as always having a variety of healthy foods in the lunch box, making sure that fruit and vegetables are included in a form that is manageable for the child and focusing on foods that can be prepared in advance such as sandwiches or rolls.

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