Being Vegan: How to Find Motivation

The decision to become a vegetarian or a vegan can be a very personal one with many reasons given by people who make this choice to not eat animal products.  Finding motivation to start and continue being vegan is very easy for many people as they consider their choice of not eating meat an ethical one and also a choice that is good for the environment and the planet.  Below are the most common reasons that people choose to become and stay with the vegan way of life.

The ethical reason for not eating meat or animal products is a popular motivation for many people who observe a vegan diet.  Many people object to the way that animals are farmed and slaughtered for consumption making this a very powerful motivation for someone to become a vegan.

Another reason that people become vegan is for health reasons.  Changing to a vegan diet can in many cases increase the health of an individual as they remove fatty and unhealthy foods from their diet and increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables.  Many fast food choices are not vegan friendly so people who are on a vegan diet will avoid eating these foods.

Becoming a vegan also reduces a person’s impact on the environment.  Farming beef cattle, chickens, sheep and pigs uses a huge amount of resources especially water.  Someone who is on a vegan diet doesn’t consume any of these animals and the vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains that are a large part of the vegan diet are produced using only a small proportion of resources.

Another motivation for people to become vegan is the high price of meat and meat products.  People who have to stretch the budget will eliminate expensive items off the shopping list with meat being a main one.  Meat is quite expensive to buy so eating a vegan diet can save some money when it comes to the house hold budgets.

Many vegans stay motivated when it comes to not eating meat as they do not like the taste, smell or the texture of meat and meat products.  Someone else cooking and eating a meal that contains meat is enough of a turn off and motivation for them to remain vegan.

There are many things that can motivate a person to become and stay a vegan and many of these motivations are positive for both the individual and the environment.

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